We would like to welcome you to the world of Aphero. Aphero is an International high-end Durch fashion collection that is known for its amazing leather clothes. The label is a trendsetting force emerging on the international scene. with ouer daringly creative vision and cosmopolitan allure, Aphero is shattering traditional concepts and taking leather-fashion to a whole new level. Breath-taking desings with quality leather given rise to aphero’s increasing presence on fashion stages wroun the world. Today Aphero has become one of the miost exclusive leather collections  worldvideand  is available in fashion capital around the world.








The  brand  Aphero  is  inspired  by  two Greek  mytyhological  figures : Aphrodite and Eros. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was known to be the most beautiful and sensual of all the gods. So beautiful in fact that even Zeus feared her supreme beauty would cause trouble in the heavens. Eros, the mischevious son of Aphrodite, caused love affairs with mortals and immortals alike. No man, woman or god was safe from, his irrestible charms of allure and seduction. Ouer clothes and style combines the beauty and sensuality of Aphrodite with the charms and seduction of Eros.