The brand

 Since creating its first collection, Aphero has captured the attention
 of the fashion world. By mixing sophistication with a dose of
 sensuality, Aphero is redefining what it means to wear leather. However,
 because of the way we are using leather to create our clothes (for
 example, combining leather with crystal net), when women wear an Aphero
 creation, they are not wearing a leather item. They are actually wearing
 something truly amazing that just happens to be made out of leather.

Inspired by

The brand Aphero is inspired by two Greek mythological
figures: Aphrodite and Eros. Aphrodite, the goddess of
love, was known to be the most beautiful and sensual
of all the gods. So beautiful in fact that even Zeus
feared her supreme beauty would cause trouble in the

heavens. Eros, the mischievous son of Aphrodite, caused
love affairs with mortals and immortals alike. No man,
woman or god was safe from, his irresistible charms of
allure and seduction. Our creations combines the beauty
and sensuality of Aphrodite with the charms and seduction
of Eros.