Aphero is a ultra-modern collection that commands attention! Dangerously beautiful and not for the faint hearted, It is exotic opulence with a dose of sensulaity. Our bite me again collections, are always going to be bold but beautiful, feminine but fierce.


The brand considers each item as a work of art … and this is why Aphero is instantly recognisable. Exotic skins, butter soft stretch leather, metal net, crystal net, and luxurious hardware that accentuate the collection. All of this is part and parcel of the Aphero experience.

Aphero is inspired by two Greek mythological figures … Aphrodite & Eros. Aphrodite the Goddess of love was known to be the most beautiful and sensual of all the Gods. Eros the mischievous son of Aphrodite was known for his irresistible charm of allure and seduction. Our cutting edge designs are a symbol of beauty and seduction.